Our people

Kärol Veskis
Sales manager
[email protected]
Brita Rand
Program-project manager
[email protected]
Kädi Aeg
Cafe manager
[email protected]
Krista Kütt
Visitor manager
Siina-Mai Särnits
Visitor manager
Kaisa Luik
Customer service – cashier
Ken Kivi
Visitor manager
Tatjana Noogen
Iris Piirsalu
Customer service – cashier
Adrian Herden Nurmoja
Iti Toon
Senior chef

About us

The construction of the WOW family attraction experience center in Kuressaare is financed from the European Union Regional Development Fund in the amount of 1,903,120 euros and 82 cents. The project period is 01.03.2017–31.07.2021, the executor is Tulik Invest OÜ. The aim of the support is to create travel motivation among domestic and foreign tourists and to increase the awareness of Estonia as a tourist destination in foreign markets.