About the exposition

The WOW experience center is a great place to spend meaningful time with children and friends and obtain new experiences. We have taken into account that visitors can use the exhibits as independently as possible and they require as little instruction as possible.

We have divided the WOW experience center into five areas:

We recommend moving in the exposition area with changing shoes or in socks. It would be especially good to have socks with rubber soles so that you don’t slip when taking faster steps.

active area

A place where you can run, jump and climb endlessly

Designed primarily for 6-16 year olds.  


  • Valojump – You can jump on a trampoline and at the same time see your virtual image on the screen.
  • Soccer – Hurry! You have 60 seconds to kick the ball into the holes! You can choose larger holes that give fewer points or smaller holes that give more points. In the table you can see your points in comparison with others. 
  • Obstacle course COMING – you can walk on a net five meters high or move on with the help of rope ladders, etc.  
  • Ronila – a place of exciting discoveries, where you can climb from the ground floor to the skylights or hide in mysterious passages. 
  • Trampoline – is a trampoline, surrounded by cushions for safety.
  • Slide – a proper experience center has to have a proper slide, you can glide from our slide from the second floor to the first.

energy area

Discover the different forms of energy around us

Designed for ages 7-99.


  • Wind energy – test by blowing yourself which wind turbine types work best with which wind. 
  • Energy wheel – how to produce energy yourself? Jump into the wheel, drive it around and see how much energy you can produce!
  • Animation bikes – you have to work hard to watch the movie! Jump in the saddle and crank the film. The faster you crank, the faster the image moves. 
  • Solar energy – the use of the exhibit requires precision and dexterity, the task is good for parent-child cooperation. Direct the light at the solar panel and use it to drive cars or other vehicles.  
simulator area

Experience virtual reality

Designed for visitors from 8 years of age.


  • Racing – feel like our own Ott Tänak! You will get a true experience of driving a rally or Formula 1 car.
  • VR game – currently the most popular game in the world BeatSaber, which is simple but offers an exciting challenge.
  • Topography – a classic of science centers! Design the ground yourself by digging holes in the sand or piling up mountains.  
For 2-6 year olds

Children’s area

The exhibits are located near the café, so parents can keep an eye on the children’s activities while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

  • The special rubber-covered dome has a slide, climbing stones and ropes.
  • Building a house – continue building a semi-finished house from soft blocks.
For everyone


It is not a separate area, but it is possible to take pictures of yourself with exciting backgrounds throughout the center, thus creating exciting illusions.

For everyone

The joy of discovery and playfulness for the whole family

Time spent together and emotions experienced together create close and memorable connections between family members for years. If all this helps children to better understand the world and link knowledge to real life, then it may be the best family activity.

water area

All opportunities to play with water


  • Pool – The large pool of almost 50 square meters has dams, locks, water jets, balls, a wheel and an Archimedes screw. The whole water area allows children to play and get to know water as a natural phenomenon (water in nature, water transport, water physics).
  • Soap bubble – the visitor can create a huge soap bubble around him, which can accommodate even several people and you can take a picture of it all! #wowelamus
  • Whirlpool – turn the lever and make the water spin! According to sailors, whirlpools have drowned even large ships. 
  • Bermuda – Press a button, launch air bubbles into the water and see if the theory of ships disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle holds true.
  • Bernoulli Cannons – Aim the pipe with a ball at it’s end. By turning the air pipe, the ball also moves with it. Your task is to drive the ball through the four rings.

All the attractions of the WOW experience center have been created keeping in mind the following principles:

In addition, the center has: